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Welcome to Rivers Ibis Club Magazine where you can find helpful advice on how to get into fitness activities in Berkshire.

Rivers Ibis Club Magazine aims to keep fitness and health enthusiasts in the know of all the latest happening in Berkshire and where to find popular yoga and fitness centres. We also write about advice on fitness equipment and personal training.

By visiting the magazine frequently, you can stay up to date on all the latest news surrounding the fitness and yoga scene in Berkshire.

Fitness Centres

Fitness Centres - About

Whether you are new to fitness or experienced, fitness centres can provide some of the best ways of getting fit without struggling by oneself. When only starting with fitness one can easily give up due to the difficulties of doing the exercises correctly and staying motivated. Fitness Centres provide benefits to their customers by supplying sufficient motivation and knowledge on how to carry out exercises and how to reach fitness goals quickly.

We provide information on all the top fitness centres in Berkshire and what their aims are towards personal training and helping their clients to reach their potential.

Fitness and Yoga

Although completely different from one another in nature both fitness and yoga contribute greatly to one’s health. Yoga is an ancient practice carried out in modern life. It involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing. Yoga can be seen as a great way to warm up and stretch the body before an intense workout.

Yoga and other fitness activities can be found at fitness centres across the UK. We provide detailed advice and guidelines into fitness and yoga with various topics.

Personal Training

Personal Training - About

Personal Training is one the most beneficial means of exercising. Not only does it provide the necessary fitness exercise routines to gain muscle and overall good health but also provides all the equipment needed. Fitness trainers develop exercise plans for aerobics, resistance, and flexibility training. Personal trainers provide clients with the knowledge of how to use exercising techniques correctly.

We provide vital information on the benefits of personal training and how taking personal training up can be one of the best decisions you can make for your health.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can be supplied by fitness centres for their clients to use. Joining a fitness centre has many benefits including that you do not have to invest in your fitness equipment.