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By visiting any of the blogs mentioned on this page, you can learn more about the UK’s fitness scene and the importance of attending fitness centres. Advice columns about how to do workouts correctly and how to reach your goals with motivation are achievable on any of these blogs.

Coach / Do Something –

Coach Do Something - Blogrolls

Coach Blog is based in London and posts up to 6 posts per week. They stand as a blog and fitness magazine for men who want to make a difference in their health. They strive in helping their readers make sense of the confusing wellness scene and to be able to accomplish workouts with expert advice. For expert advice and informative posts, visit Coach Fitness Magazine frequently.

Future Fit Training –

Future Fit Training provides guides and eBooks, fitness videos, and hundreds of blog posts to guide and assist in personal training and nutrition. They stand as a leading training provider for personal trainers and nutrition advisers.

Personal trainers and nutrition experts from around the UK trust Future Fit Training for expert advice and guidelines on how to get their clients to reach their fitness goals. The blog posts up to 10 posts per day.

Fitness Experience –

Fitness Experience covers all need-to-know topics on fitness tips, nutrition advice, strength, and fitness news. Fitness Experience is owned by two brothers as a family business and strives to provide exceptional personal experiences in fitness. They believe in expertise, focus, and professionalism and that it can boost confidence in anybody willing to work hard in fitness.

Life Informed Fitness Training –

The blog is run by blogger Rachael and shares her experience and work in commercial gyms and fitness centres. She started the blog due to the need for a holistic science-based fitness solution. She developed The AMB Fitness System which has a focus on the unique requirements of each individual. She believes in improving mobility in fitness workouts.