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As a Magazine about fitness and yoga, we are always considering getting more writers involved with our magazine to write informative articles on various topics surrounding fitness and yoga in Berkshire.

By joining our team of writers, you can share your thoughts on fitness with the growing fitness community in Berkshire. Sharing advice on how to reach fitness goals, which equipment to invest in, and which fitness centres in Berkshire to choose from.

The aim of Rivers Ibis Club Magazine is not only to inform experienced fitness trainers and clients about fitness and yoga but also to encourage new people to join fitness clubs and become healthier. We are dedicated to bringing everyone in Berkshire up to date on all the latest fitness centres opening up and their special offerings and memberships.

By encouraging individuals to take up fitness training, business owners in Berkshire can thrive again after the lockdown periods where many centres closed down or lost all their business.

Write for Us - Write for Us

To apply for a writer’s position for Rivers Ibis Club Magazine, you will need to have extensive knowledge and experience in fitness workouts and yoga to be able to inform and encourage our readers accurately. Excellent skills in the English language, punctuation, grammar, and spelling are vital and you should be able to come up with interesting headings and topics.

Knowing Berkshire, its surroundings, fitness centres, and how popular fitness is in Berkshire is important before applying for a writer’s position at River Ibis Club. As our readers are both experienced fitness instructors, personal trainers, and newbies in the fitness world, the topics will need to be interesting and captivating to all our audiences.

To learn more about the requirements for applying, please contact us on our contact page for more information. We may require individuals to submit example work to determine the quality and skills each applicant possesses.